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Waterfowl Resources Management Division

Duck WetlandsThe Waterfowl Resources Management Division provides consulting, program development, and continued management of waterfowl wintering habitats. Our objective is to enhance the number and variety of waterfowl on our client’s property through implementation of proper and up-to-date habitat management techniques.

Waterfowl Resource Management Consulting Services

A Division of Berry Land Company, LLC

We develop wetland habitats designed to attract and hold waterfowl for hunting and viewing. We also survey the market to identify properties for sale that have the potential for habitat development.

With 40 years of experience successfully developing wetland habitats in Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, we are ready to work with you to create a habitat that maximizes your investment and enhances your hunting experience.

  • Conduct studies to identify access, soil types, vegetation, and water resources.
  • Design and install water control structures to manage water flow and retention.
  • Develop a planting plan for food sources that includes crops to plant, existing plant types that can be utilized in moist soil management, and the planting schedule.

If you are interested in buying land, or you have land suitable for a wetland habitat, contact us at (256) 684-3407 of

Our assessment and planning process:

  • Conduct an on-site evaluation of the property
  • Analyze the water sources, existing advantages and problems (topography, soil, plants, general location)
  • Create overview maps of the property illustrating suggested alterations, if needed
  • Design water control structures
  • Develop planting schedules, if needed (crop type, where, when)
  • Develop herbicide schedule where needed
  • Prepare cost estimates.

Our implementation process:

  • Coordinate overall development schedule with property owner
  • Provide necessary equipment
  • Supervise alteration and planting
  • Continue on-site evaluations and make modifications, if necessary
  • Provide schedules for water control, future planting, future development, and continuing habitat management

Develop multiple use programs, where appropriate.

We have demonstrated experience developing waterfowl hunting projects of various types including open field, open ponds, flooded green timber, coastal marsh, marshy field, beaver ponds, and combinations of these.

Fee Schedule:

$100.00 per hour for field and office work.. Minimum $5,000.00. Plus any travel and lodging expenses.

Further information and references available upon request.

Address inquiries to:

  • Berry Land Company, LLC
  • Waterfowl Resources Management Division
  • Attn: Bruce Berry
  • 234 Tremble Creek road
  • New Hope, AL 35760

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