5 Common Mistakes Wetland Buyers Make


1). Make sure land is in a waterfowl flyway that has movement of ducks.

There is not much point in being where the ducks will not come by you. A good resource is US fish and wildlife maps, and local bar talk.

2). Does land have a viable water source ?

That’s not the same as having a well. Persistent water supply insures there is plenty of food available for the ducks. The more, the better, but be sure there is enough to flood in winter, and to irrigate crops and create a wetland.

3). Does land have a clear title and are there any regulatory permits necessary?

Some areas may already have agreements with other wildlife preserves. Make sure the property is not already obligated to an alternative purpose. Check NRCS for permits. Court house for title and title insurance.

4). Is there an access that is passable?

Can you get there by boat, 4 wheel drive, car, ATV, UTV?  It’s hard to hunt if it is land locked and inaccessible.

Make sure adjacent property owners will agree with a wetland project

5). What to do if they question the purpose?

Hope they would want to enjoy it enough to help fund it. Or never say anything.

Now that you have avoided these common mistakes, contact us to plan your wetland development.