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Why rural land sellers in Alabama & Tennessee choose us…


At Berry Land Company, Alabama & Tennessee rural properties are our specialty. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive marketing strategy to both agents and owners interested in selling/buying rural properties nationwide.

Berry Land Company knows what it takes to determine land value in Alabama & Tennessee. This includes recent sales, use values and future values based on trends. We know recent local sales, not just asking prices

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* Licensed Brokers in Alabama and Tennessee

Our broker and agents work closely with other land business associates to meet your needs. This includes, attorneys, bankers, certified public accountants (CPA), governmental agencies, appraisers, surveyors, foresters and timber companies, developers and engineers.

Our advertising media encompass virtually every segment of the marketing arena including Print and Electronic Media and Agent Relations. Let Berry Land Company use its unique marketing mix to sell your tract of land in Alabama & Tennessee.

We take Alabama real estate far beyond the local market and put it in front of millions of prospective buyers world-wide.